Scalable call center coaching
for quality mangement.

Offload call center coaching and onboarding to a tool that auto-creates and auto-assigns coaching sessions. Improve coaching efficiency by reducing time on building learning sessions and spending time on mentoring.

Why do contact centers need Automated agent coaching?

  • Proactively identify agent conversation challenges and fix them at source.
  • Ability to auto-score 100% of agent-customer conversations.
  • Improve call quality that impacts AHT and FCR rate.
  • Eliminate manual coaching by reducing human dependency.
  • Fastrack feedback cycle and boost agent productivity by 3X.
  • Enable auditors to review 5X more conversations manually.

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Enable agents to close more deals
while staying compliant

Rely on automated coaching to reduce dependency on manual coaching. Help agents learn customer experience best practices, compliant behavior, and practical tips on generating sales revenue.

Effortlessly monitor agent performance

Merge the benefits of QA and agent coaching to proactively catch performance and compliance snags and fix them in the bud. Start scoring 100% agent conversations. Trust an unbiased and efficient scoring mechanism to acquire complete visibility into team and agent call quality.

Reduce heavy reliance on manual coaching.

Remove dependency on a dedicated coach with peer-to-peer coaching. Upgrade agent skillsets, knowledge, and behavioral gaps by leveraging auto-generated top-performer coaching moments. Ensure targeted and personalized self-coaching session is directed to each agent.

Verify agent engagement and retention

Assess coaching completion and retention with customized assessment forms. Monitor agent readiness and coaching effectiveness by gaining complete visibility into team and agent performance.

Turn insights into actionable improvements

Monitor and optimize agent coaching performance with a robust reporting system. Access the team leaderboard to conduct a comparative analysis of agent performance. Pin-point non-compliant behavior while sorting good performers from the haystack. Quickly receive actionable recommendations on customer experience impacting best practices.

How does Convin Work?

Enterprise-grade security & trust

Why Customers Love Us?

Why Customers Love Us?

Aaron Drummond

Account Executive
Place Technology

Having a library of key topics and next steps mentioned by each rep on each call helps streamline coaching moments and 1-1s, this keeps me from bouncing back and forth to programs and gives me more time to coach and help my team perform. Convin has been highly instrumental in our sales team's success and coaching workflows.

Ayush Tripathi

Software Engineer
Persistent Systems

Convin has perfect AI for Automated QA. It has been a game-changer for our sales team. The platform's AI-powered insights provide us with valuable data on customer sentiment, objection handling, and more. It's both a time as well as money saver for call auditing.

Veerendra Shariwan

Deputy General Manager of Quality

Convin provides unlimited call audit automation with feedback and personalized coaching. It also has a manual audit platform for calibration purpose. The individual coaching section is very useful for agents struggling to improve. Best part is, we don't need to hire QAs for audit anymore.

Great Companies Love Convin

Convin can help turn every
agent into your best agent.

Level up your agent performance with automated coaching!

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